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Business Branding.

Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Branding can be an exciting and challenging part of building any business.

Often, startups get so excited about breaking into their industry that they overlook the small details, like consistency in branding.

Your brand represents your business, your hard work, and your dreams. Take some time, research, and then hire a designer. You're a pro in your field, We're pro's in ours!

A big mistake that is often made is hiring a family member to design and create your content. lol PLEASE don't do that lol. Believe it or not, design takes a lot of training and you actually have to have an eye for design, colour, and a strong spatial sense.

Designers can also use their experience to make some incredibly helpful suggestions and even kick your brand into the next level. (That's our job)

We live for the "WOW Factor!".

Here is a basic branding checklist:

  • Establish and research your target audience & competitors

  • Design / research logo ideas (hire a designer😉 trust me!)

  • Pick a font family - gives you a variety to choose from while staying consistent

  • Consider a slogan or tag line (always cross reference)

  • Work with your designer to choose the look and feel of your brand (colors & font)

  • Implement your branding across your business

If you already have an established business, some of these will not apply to you. That being said, it never hurts to review your current strategy and design to see if you may have missed anything.

Branding should be designed to evolve over time.



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