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  • Kristin Miller

The Importance of White Space

Let's talk about White Space!

Over the years I've found that a lot of people confuse white space is literally having white space on your page. This is definitely not the case.

White space actually refers to the spaces between the elements within a design. Whether it's text or graphics, white space is an incredibly important aspect to any design. When done properly, it will allow the viewers eyes to flow freely across the piece and improve legibility within the piece.

Visuals & Graphics

Allowing proper balance between visual items will help increase readability, as well as comprehension of what your overall message is trying to tell your audience.

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White space also allows your eyes to move more freely across the page or simply focus on your main message.


It's important to have proper spacing with text because it can become illegible very quickly.

Adjusting something as simple as the Leading ( The distance between the baselines of type) can open up the design and make it way more readable. If your audience has to work to get the content, you're going to lose them quickly,

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Do you have a design you would like reviewed?

If you're looking for a designer, we will work with you step-by-step to ensure that you receive the highest quality your business demands!

Cheers! - Kristin

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